Sell Your OEM Products to
Silicon Valley Companies


Professional Marketing

Our team has a proven track record of developing brands and launching cost-effective lead generation programs that result in market-leading products with dramatic sales and margin growth.


Effective Sales

Through existing business relationships and a strong professional network, our Silicon Valley sales team can increase your leads, close ratio, average sales size and profit margins while reducing sales time.


Responsive Support

Our local teams quickly handle pre and post-sales inquiries and can attend on-site meetings. Great support leads to repeat purchases and customer retention. Make customer support a competitive advantage.

Silicon Valley, California

Why do technology OEMs need a presence here?

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Services and Process

How we deliver complete sales, marketing and client support services for our partners

Phase 1: Go-to-Market Strategy and Preparation

During the initial on-boarding process, the Vantelo team completes an assessment of the market opportunity, the competitive landscape and a detailed analysis of the product(s) you plan to offer to Silicon Valley companies. This process typically takes 60-90 days and includes input from you, the manufacturer, as well as multiple review cycles between our teams.

We will deliver our findings and recommendations including:

*  Local prospect list including company backgrounds
*  Key competitors including strengths and weaknesses
*  Pricing recommendations to maximize profits
*  Copy and design optimizations for sales and marketing tools
*  Promotion plan including press, direct sales and event calendar


Phase 2: Active Marketing and Selling

Once the go-to-market plan is complete, the Vantelo team goes to work generating and qualifying leads, nurturing leads through a combination of CRM methods including in-person meetings, and helping to negotiate sales contracts. All of these are done in coordination with your company. Detailed account plans including contacts are shared with our partners.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBR) are conducted with our partners to assess past performance including our win / loss record, to provide details on the sales pipeline and to discuss product, promotion and sales strategies. The QBRs also provide an opportunity to discuss any new competitive information, the future product roadmap and other items relevant to the business.

Phase 3: Client Support and Follow-on Sales

Delayed responses, Skype or long-distance calls and communications that are unclear or predominantly by email can drive clients to look for alternative providers. Vantelo provides unparalleled support to our buyers. By checking in regularly, making on-site visits and by being available when the client has a question (local time zone, local call or visit) we build strong, trusted business relationships that lead to increased sales and low customer churn.

sales and marketing

Why Vantelo?

Unique advantages that drive profits for our partners



Vantelo’s team has been marketing and selling products in the Silicon Valley for over twenty years. We know how to effectively analyze the market, position products for success, drive demand, close sales with maximum profit margins and develop lasting business relationships.

Vantelo does not simply sell existing products off of a list. We work to deeply understand our buyers’ needs and then we deliver products that exceed their expectations. For our OEM partners this can result in immediate sales, product extensions and other enhancements that not only increase sales but help to secure long-term business relationships.

Experience in marketing and sales directly translates to an increase in qualified leads, a lower cost per lead, a higher close ratio, higher profit margins and lower customer churn.


The Silicon Valley is home to thousands of leading technology companies. Gaining access to the executives and decision makers can be extremely difficult without an introduction.

The Vantelo team has connections. We have direct access to hundreds of directors, VPs, CTOs, CIOs, COOs and CEOs throughout the area. If we do not already have a contact at a prospective buyer in the area we can almost certainly get a referral through a mutual connection.

Existing relationships and trusted referrals dramatically increase the chance of initiating a dialog and successfully selling to a prospect.


Having a local presence in the Silicon Valley is essential for any OEM that wants to conduct meaningful business here. Any OEM can sell samples and small product quantities. Businesses considering major purchases prefer to work with local contacts so that they can quickly address any questions or issues before, during and after the sale.

Return on Investment

Hiring in the Silicon Valley is difficult and expensive. Relocating people to handle sales and marketing in the area is expensive and ineffective. To solve these problems, Vantelo provides OEMs an on-demand team of professional marketers, sales people and client support engineers.

Working with Vantelo allows OEMs to dramatically increase sales volume while maximizing profit margins. Our service effectively pays for itself.


Seeking a quality OEM product? Have a product that needs representation in the Silicon Valley?

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